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Green Initiatives

Poyner Spruill is aware of our impact on the environment, and is taking steps to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  Some of the firm's initiatives include: 


We recycle tons of material each year. Our offices boast receptacles for several types of material beyond the typical white copy paper, including soft-bound books, magazines, newspapers, chipboard, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, manila file folders, colored paper, sticky notes, and card stock. We also use secure-shred recycle bins for security reasons, so client information is disposed of properly.

Use of Technology

The firm is taking steps to use less paper in normal office routines, including making great use of our internal extranet for policy distribution, using direct deposit for pay and reimbursement checks, supporting eBilling options for our clients, using online forms for routine events instead of paper forms, and scanning documents for email distribution instead of making multiple copies. We also encourage the use of strategic email management so that items do not have to be printed and sent to a paper file to be made a permanent part of the client matter file. Finally, the firm's sophisticated video-conferencing system means that we spend less gas, rubber, and time on travel and more time on what matters most- our clients.

Supporting Best Practices

The firm also encourages making double-sided copies and printing documents using both sides of the paper. We also encourage the use of dual monitors to allow attorneys to research on one screen and draft on the other, saving the step of printing the research to view both at the same time.

New Spaces, New Savings

The Raleigh office recently took space in the new state-of-the art office building in downtown Raleigh. This building is equipped with motion-sensitive lighting, motion-sensor paper towels in restrooms, an energy efficient HVAC system, integrated pest control, and will use green cleaning supplies.

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