"I enjoyed that role because it was my job to link the defense with the offense and generally see to it that the gameplan was being implemented on the field.  I see my role as a corporate lawyer in similar terms - I get to be right in the middle of the action, collaborating and coordinating with other Poyner Spruill attorneys who are working with me on the transaction.  A lot of law firms say that they work as a team, but at Poyner Spruill, we mean it."
Mike Slipsky, Partner

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Recent Publications
02.05.2016 The DMCA and Product Aftermarkets, Eric P. Stevens
02.02.2016 ACA Limits on Arrangements that Pay for Employee Coverage, Kelsey H. Mayo
02.01.2016 Home Health Focus - CMS Payment Initiatives Target Quality & Care Improvement, David R. Broyles
01.19.2016 EEOC Cautions Employers About Discrimination Against Employees who are, or are Perceived to be Muslim or Middle Eastern, Susanna Knutson Gibbons
01.19.2016 Residential Real Estate Marketing Services Agreements: Not Worth the Regulatory Risk, Martha J. Svoboda
01.13.2016 Adult Care Licensure Section of DHHS Reorganizes and Streamlines, Kenneth L. Burgess
01.13.2016 Final 2016 SMFP Need Determinations, S. Todd Hemphill
01.08.2016 North Carolina Supreme Court Rejects Claims against Lender over Failed Real Estate Development, Caroline P Mackie
01.08.2016 Corridors January 2016, Wilson Hayman
01.08.2016 Final Stark Rule Changes Adopt New Exceptions For Hospitals and Significant Clarifications, Wilson Hayman
01.08.2016 CMS Initiatives Target Quality & Care Improvement, David R. Broyles
01.08.2016 Proposed CON and Reporting Rules in the Works at DHHS, S. Todd Hemphill
01.08.2016 Who's Going Under the Bus? Federal Policy on Individual Responsibility for Corporate Wrongdoing, Steven Mansfield Shaber
01.06.2016 How the Terrorist Attacks in Paris Have Affected International Travel, and What is to Come, Jennifer G. Parser
01.04.2016 Fourth Circuit Holds Consequential Damages Exclusion Bars $19 Million Fire Loss Claim, Steven B. Epstein
12.21.2015 Does My Company Really Need to Have a Written Policy on Drug and Alcohol Testing?, Steven A. Rowe
12.18.2015 Duty to Negotiate in Good Faith: Much Ado About Nothing?, Richard A. Prosser
12.16.2015 NC Court of Appeals rules Emerald Isle’s restriction on the use of privately owned oceanfront property is not a compensable “taking” under the Constitution, J. Nicholas Ellis
12.09.2015 Changes to Minimum Wage and Overtime Exemptions expected by July 2016, Kevin M. Ceglowski
12.07.2015 Health Care Reform - Departments Issue Final Rules Under ACA, Kara M Brunk
12.04.2015 2016 Limits for Benefit Plans, Eugene S. Griggs
12.04.2015 Winds of Change Blowing Across the Hospice Landscape, Kenneth L. Burgess
12.04.2015 D.C. Circuit Resuscitates Elimination of Companionship and Domestic Service Exemptions for Third-Party Employers, Kevin M. Ceglowski
12.04.2015 Trends in HIPAA Enforcement Actions, Tara N. Cho
12.04.2015 Hospice EndNotes December 2015, Kenneth L. Burgess
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