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04.21.2015 More Beer Please! Proposed House Bill Increases Production Cap for Self-Distribution Limit, Julie W. Hampton
04.06.2015 DOL Opens Window for Annual Participant Fee Disclosures, Eugene S. Griggs
03.31.2015 Corridors Spring 2015, Wilson Hayman
03.30.2015 Time to Revisit English Only Rules, Susanna Knutson Gibbons
03.27.2015 Toss or Keep Document Retention in a Hospital Setting, Kenneth L. Burgess
03.26.2015 Nonprofit Hospitals Face Additional Regulatory Burdens in Financial Assistance and Debt Collection, David R. Broyles
03.26.2015 Placing Medicare Beneficiaries Into Observation Status, Wilson Hayman
03.26.2015 Hospitals - Medicare RAC Program Improvements Delayed Until 2016, Christopher P. Brewer
03.16.2015 Short-Term Relief for Small Employers Reimbursing Employee Premiums, Kelsey H. Mayo
03.02.2015 Hollywood Intern Cases and the Fair Labor Standards Act, Karla T. Anderson
02.25.2015 Shorts on Long Term Care February 2015, Kenneth L. Burgess
02.25.2015 Medicare RAC Program Improvements Delayed Until 2016, David R. Broyles
02.25.2015 “Bring Your Own Device” To Work Programs: , Tara N. Cho
02.25.2015 Hail To You, Nicaragua!, Kenneth L. Burgess
02.16.2015 We Know What the EEOC Did in 2014, Steven A. Rowe
02.12.2015 DEA Rules On Disposal of Controlled Substances - What's Up?, Pamela A. Scott
02.12.2015 How to Mitigate Compliance Risks with BYOD, Tara N. Cho
02.12.2015 End Notes Newsletter February 2015, Pamela A. Scott
02.09.2015 Gear Up for Increased CMS Scrutiny of Hospice Services for Assisted Living Facility Residents, Pamela A. Scott
02.09.2015 Happy New Year from the DC District Court - Companionship Exemption Lives On!!, David R. Broyles
02.02.2015 Is Your Company Making Timely 401(K) Contributions?, Hugh W. Davis
01.20.2015 Wondering what the Department of Labor will be doing this year? , David L. Woodard
01.16.2015 President Obama’s Security Breach Notification Bill Needs Work, Elizabeth H. Johnson
01.14.2015 N.C. Supreme Court Reverses Court of Appeals and Upholds 20-Year Construction Warranty , Richard A. Prosser
01.09.2015 2015 Limits for Benefit Plans, Eugene S. Griggs
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