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Recent Publications
04.14.2014 Employers Must Be Prepared for I-9 and E-Verify Inspections, Jennifer G. Parser
04.10.2014 EB-5 Visas: a Source of Funding for US Businesses but not Without Risk, Jennifer G. Parser
04.08.2014 Court Rejects Wyndham’s Challenge to FTC’s Data-Security Enforcement Authority, Lynn C. Percival
04.07.2014 Recent Changes To North Carolina’s Elective Share Statute – A Trap For The Unwary Estate Planner, H. Chalk Broughton
03.31.2014 Retirement Plan Fee Litigation Finds Its Way to North Carolina, Kelsey H. Mayo
03.17.2014 EEOC Publishes Guidance on Employment Rights Related to Religious Garb and Grooming in the Workplace, Steven A. Rowe
03.07.2014 Script Newsletter March 2014, Steven Mansfield Shaber
03.07.2014 New Child Abuse Reporting Law Gets Tough, Steven Mansfield Shaber
03.04.2014 Do Your Plans Include a Time Limit on a Participant’s Right to Sue?, Nancy C. Brower
03.03.2014 Employees May Affirmatively Decline To Use FMLA Leave, Danielle Barbour Wilson
03.01.2014 Do You Need an Estate Plan?, Westray B. Veasey
03.01.2014 A Look Behind OIGs Work Plan, Steven Mansfield Shaber
02.25.2014 CMS Announces "Pause" in RAC Audits, Christopher P. Brewer
02.17.2014 New Employer Mandate Relief, Eugene S. Griggs
02.04.2014 Same Sex Marriages: Are You Filing Your Taxes Properly?, Westray B. Veasey
02.03.2014 Fourth Circuit Rules That Temporary Impairments May Be ADA Covered Disabilities, Kevin M. Ceglowski
01.21.2014 EEOC Settlement Reminds Employers That GINA Prohibits Requesting Family Medical History , Danielle Barbour Wilson
01.17.2014 E.D.N.C. Bankruptcy Court Rules that Borrower Can Raise Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Claims Against Lender Based on Refusal to Modify Loan, Christopher H. Roede
01.13.2014 Same-Gender Marriage Implications for Employee Benefit Plans, Kathryn R. Paradise
01.06.2014 Employers’ New Year’s Resolution: Review Employee v. Independent Contractor Classifications, Kevin M. Ceglowski
01.06.2014 Hey Wait, What About Our Fancy New Quasi-Judicial Statute?, Chad W. Essick
01.06.2014 March 6th Deadline! Distribute Your Trust/Estate Income or Pay Medicare Tax, Westray B. Veasey
12.09.2013 The Department of Labor Releases Fall 2013 Statement of Regulatory Priorities, Danielle Barbour Wilson
12.02.2013 2014 Limits for Benefit Plans, Kelsey H. Mayo
12.02.2013 IRS Modifies FSA Use-or-Lose Rule, Kathryn R. Paradise
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