"He was right. In an era of large firms, we're a unique place:  where so-called "old fashioned" virtues - like providing clients with personal attention, and having a connection to our community - are the anchor of our practice."

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Recent Publications
Kara Brunk Thumbnail 05.04.2016 DOL Final Fiduciary Rule - What You Need to Know, Kara M Brunk
05.02.2016 Foreclosure Protection for Service members Extended by Congress, James T. Martin
04.27.2016 Too Little, Too Late?, Joseph A. Smith
04.25.2016 Draft Carefully: North Carolina Supreme Court Affirms Strict Blue Pencil Doctrine Still Applies to Non-Competes, Caitlin M. Goforth
04.22.2016 Understanding when Business Associate Agreements are necessary can avoid costly and embarrassing enforcement actions, Michael E. Slipsky
04.21.2016 Practical Advice for the Business Owner, Michael E. Slipsky
04.08.2016 HB2 and You: A Short Guide for North Carolina Employers, Kevin M. Ceglowski
04.08.2016 Caleb Wardrett v. City of Rocky Mount Police Department, Det. Clifton and Det. Denotter, J. Nicholas Ellis
04.08.2016 End Notes April 2016, Iain M. Stauffer
03.28.2016 NLRB Continues to Target Employers’ Social Media Policies, Robert B. Meyer
03.22.2016 Don't Be a Target -- Retirement Plan Fees and Expenses, Nancy C. Brower
03.21.2016 Final CMS Rule on the Reporting and Returning of Medicare Overpayments is a Wake-Up Call for Physicians, Wilson Hayman
03.14.2016 EEOC Files First Two Lawsuits Challenging Sexual Orientation Discrimination, Karla T. Anderson
03.14.2016 Hospice Providers – Step Up to the “MIC”, Iain M. Stauffer
03.09.2016 One Year Later: Avoiding Unfavorable Risk Weighting of Acquisition, Development, and Construction Loans for Commercial Real Estate Projects, Christopher S. Dwight
02.29.2016 Ask and They Shall Receive: Implications of EEOC's New Procedure for Position Statements, Caitlin M. Goforth
02.23.2016 Shorts on Long Term Care February 2016, Kenneth L. Burgess
02.23.2016 The Secret of Life, Kenneth L. Burgess
02.23.2016 It Could Happen to Anybody, and It Did, Kenneth L. Burgess
02.23.2016 CMS Model Payment & Initiatives, David R. Broyles
02.16.2016 Federal Contractors Be Alert: OFCCP Pay Transparency Requirements Are Here, Kevin M. Ceglowski
02.05.2016 The DMCA and Product Aftermarkets, Eric P. Stevens
02.02.2016 ACA Limits on Arrangements that Pay for Employee Coverage, Kelsey H. Mayo
02.01.2016 Home Health Focus - CMS Payment Initiatives Target Quality & Care Improvement, David R. Broyles
01.19.2016 EEOC Cautions Employers About Discrimination Against Employees who are, or are Perceived to be Muslim or Middle Eastern, Susanna Knutson Gibbons
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