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Recent Publications
07.28.2016 Changes to Compensation Rules for Tax-Exempt Entities, Kelsey H. Mayo
07.27.2016 Pokémon Go Presents Real Privacy Concerns in the (Semi-)Virtual World, Michael E. Slipsky
07.26.2016 CFPB Proposals Would Restrict Use of Arbitration Clauses in Consumer Financial Services Contracts, Richard Q. Lafferty
07.25.2016 OSHA's New Rule Impacts the Health Care Industry, Kevin M. Ceglowski
07.25.2016 Recent Decision Widens “Narrow” Door for Use of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act against Corporate Insiders, Eric P. Stevens
07.25.2016 OCR’s Recent $2.7 Million Settlement with Oregon Health & Science University Highlights the Importance of HIPAA Compliance Follow-Up, Michael E. Slipsky
07.20.2016 Will GOP Endorsement of ‘Hack Back’ Make Cyberspace Safe Again?, Saad Gul
07.18.2016 New OSHA Rule Impacts Employer Drug Testing Policies, Karla T. Anderson
07.14.2016 Failing to Put in Place an Appropriate Buy-sell Agreement Among the Business Owners, David R. Krosner
07.13.2016 First Ever OCR Settlement of Enforcement Action against HIPAA Business Associate Due to PHI Breach - $650,000 Monetary Resolution Payment, Matthew A. Fisher
07.12.2016 Analogizing an Internet Accessible Computer to Broken Window Blind, Court Finds No Expectation of Privacy in Computers, Saad Gul
07.08.2016 Ten Days In June: Post-Brexit Developments in the U.S.-E.U. Data Protection Regime, Saad Gul
07.07.2016 The Common Interest Doctrine: Lessons on avoiding an inadvertent waiver of the attorney-client privilege, John Michael Durnovich
07.07.2016 Failing to Choose the Best Entity Structure for Your Business, David R. Krosner
07.06.2016 Shorts On Long Term Care July 2016, Kenneth L. Burgess
07.05.2016 North Carolina General Assembly Enacts Major Reforms to Adult Care Home Deficiency and Penalty Laws, Kenneth L. Burgess
07.05.2016 Legislature restores wrongful discharge claim eliminated by HB2, Kevin M. Ceglowski
06.27.2016 Health Care Providers Operating in a Material World, David R. Broyles
06.24.2016 Just When You Thought it was Safe to Go Back in the Water: Brexit Creates Additional Uncertainty in Trans-Atlantic Privacy Compliance, Michael E. Slipsky
06.23.2016 The Defense of Trade Secrets Act of 2016, John Michael Durnovich
06.20.2016 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Issues New Guidance on Women’s Rights in the Workplace, David L. Woodard
06.17.2016 NC DHHS Submits Section 1115 Waiver Application for Medicaid Reform, But the Process is Far from Complete, Iain M. Stauffer
06.17.2016 North Carolina Supreme Court Strikes Down Cyberbullying Statute On Free Speech Grounds, Saad Gul
06.15.2016 Say It Ain't So!, Kenneth L. Burgess
06.13.2016 EEOC Issues Final ADA Regulations on Wellness Plans, Eugene S. Griggs
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