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Recent Publications
11.23.2015 Best Practices for Preventing Workplace Harassment Claims, Karla T. Anderson
11.12.2015 A Blow to the President's Effort to Enact Deferred Action and Authorize Employment for Parents of US Citizens, Jennifer G. Parser
11.09.2015 NC Court Case Demonstrates Potential of "Individual" Liability For Discrimination, Robert B. Meyer
11.04.2015 Final Curtain Call for Tuomey: Long-Running FCA/Stark Case Settled, S. Todd Hemphill
11.02.2015 Checklist for Group Health Plan Participant Disclosure Requirements, Eugene S. Griggs
10.29.2015 Lessons Learned from Target’s Data Breach Discovery Win, Elizabeth H. Johnson
10.26.2015 Documenting Efforts to Comply with the FLSA May Help Limit Damages Exposure , Susanna Knutson Gibbons
10.14.2015 Did I Do That? Consent to Litigation in Bankruptcy Court following Wellness International, Lisa P. Sumner
10.12.2015 US Department of Labor Implements Final Rule Requiring Pay Transparency Among Federal Contractors, Robert B. Meyer
10.07.2015 2015 Health Law Case Update, S. Todd Hemphill
10.06.2015 New Projects and Updates From the IRS Employee Plans Compliance Unit, Kara M Brunk
10.06.2015 Secured Lenders – Stay on Top of the Law or Proceed at Your Own Risk, Jill C. Walters
10.01.2015 A Brief Look At Common Construction Loan Credit Enhancements, Brian F. Corbett
09.28.2015 DOL Gets Reined In, Kevin M. Ceglowski
09.15.2015 Notice Requirements for Protection of Tenants in Foreclosure Actions, James T. Martin
09.14.2015 President Obama Signs Executive Order Requiring Federal Contractors to Provide Sick Leave for Employees, David L. Woodard
08.31.2015 Transgender Issues in the Workplace, Karla T. Anderson
08.27.2015 Bank Boards and Corporate Officers Review your Policies and Procedures:, Carrie V. McMillan
08.25.2015 The Health Law Guide to Hospital Operations, S. Todd Hemphill
08.25.2015 Corridors September 2015 , Wilson Hayman
08.25.2015 When the Government Comes Knocking, Christopher P. Brewer
08.25.2015 Proposed Changes to Stark Rule Would Create New Hospital Exceptions and Lessen Burden of Self-Disclosures, Wilson Hayman
08.25.2015 Hospital Compliance Program Overview, Christopher P. Brewer
08.25.2015 Conscience Clauses for Health Care Providers, Steven Mansfield Shaber
08.17.2015 Access to Employee Benefit Records - Take Action Now to Avoid Issues Later, Nancy C. Brower
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