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Intellectual Property and Trade Secret Protection

North Carolina has a long history of innovation. In 1862, Hertford County’s Dr. Richard J. Gatling patented a rapid-fire gun that would play an important role in military battles such as the Battle of San Juan Hill and would inspire subsequent generations of weapons used by American soldiers. In the late 1800s, the state’s advancements in tobacco processing and packaging, including the Bull Jack, helped drive North Carolina’s economy. After several years of tests at Kitty Hawk, Orville Wright took to the air for twelve seconds on a December day in 1903, forever changing the way the world traveled.

Our state’s tradition of innovation continues today. In Research Triangle Park, dozens of companies pioneer breakthroughs on a daily basis in such fields as software development and pharmaceutical products, among numerous others. In Kannapolis, scientists from a number of North Carolina universities conduct groundbreaking research in biotechnology, nutrition, and agricultural and food sciences. Charlotte, long home to Duke Energy, is fast becoming an energy hub, thanks to the numerous companies seeking to satisfy the growing demand for sustainable, renewable energy.

Great art and artists are born here, too.  Jazz greats Theloneous Monk and John Coltrane called the state home in their early years.  North Carolina inspired a number of songs by musical legend James Taylor, including the state's unofficial anthem, "Carolina In My Mind."  Writers Thomas Wolfe, Charles Frazier, and Nicholas Sparks all found their muses here. Movie producer Dino De Laurentiis recognized Wilmington's potential when he purchased a small studio there in 1984. Now known as EUE/Screen Gems, it is the nation's largest studio facility outside of California.

No matter the breakthrough, no matter the field, success depends on protecting intellectual property. After all, the trade secrets, unique logos and marketing materials, and copyrightable materials are the DNA that makes any venture unique.

That's why we're here.

With offices located throughout North Carolina, we have long made it our business to help companies and individuals be as successful as possible.  Drawing on years of experience both in boardrooms and courtrooms, our attorneys are well equipped to provide clients with everything they need to protect their most valuable information.  This includes the ability to:

  • Conduct intellectual property audits to help specify everything a business needs to protect;
  • Create or update operating agreements that address executives’ rights with regard to trade secret and intellectual property;
  • Handle trademark and copyright registrations and work with clients to protect a portfolio of trademarks and copyrighted material;
  • Draft employment agreements and employee handbooks that define employees’ responsibilities with regard to the sensitive information to which they may have access;
  • Seek emergency injunctions when a departing employee or competitor wrongfully seeks to use confidential information or other intellectual property in an effort to compete; and,
  • Try cases in state and federal courts against those who would wrongfully use any client's confidential information or intellectual property.
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