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Trials, Hearings & Mediation

Poyner Spruill health lawyers appear for our clients in all federal and state courts, in federal and state administrative hearings, and in other settings such as licensing boards, hospital medical staff hearings, private arbitration, and mediation. They have the support of the firm’s staff of civil and criminal trial lawyers and paralegals, and also the support of its employment, business and tax lawyers when cases involve legal issues outside health law. 

Our health lawyers represent our clients in disputes with private parties, such as insurers, other providers, suppliers, and contractors. Much of our work is against government regulators and their contractors and intermediaries, including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Office of the Inspector General, the state Department of Health & Human Services, and the various licensing boards and agencies. 

We handle a variety of health law cases, including:

  • Certificate of Need cases
  • Medicare and Medicaid fraud & abuse and false claims 
  • Stark and anti-kickback matters
  • Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare reimbursement cases
  • Provider exclusion cases and reapplication
  • Insurance reimbursement and coverage cases
  • Departing employee cases
  • Non-competition and non-solicitation matters
  • Professional licensing board cases
  • Provider licensure, certification and endorsement matters
  • National Practitioner Data Bank matters
  • State and federal surveys and appeals

We represent all types and sizes of providers from large hospitals and nursing homes to individual practitioners. We are neither exclusively hospital counsel nor exclusively physician counsel. We are neither exclusively board and agency counsel, nor are we exclusively counsel for licensees. Because we represent a variety of clients, we bring a broad, objective, and well informed approach to all our clients.

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