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Employment Law Guide for Emerging Technology Companies


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Although start-ups and other small companies are not covered by all the employment laws larger companies must comply with, many employment laws apply as soon as you hire your first employee. Employers of all sizes may face complicated immigration and employee benefits problems. The enclosed information provides a brief overview of employment law issues emerging companies should be aware of, including the employee count thresholds for coverage under various employment laws. Also included is brief guidance on immigration law concerns, such as various types of immigration visas and Form I-9 requirements. Finally, several types of employee benefit plans are highlighted along with a discussion of Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) compliance issues. Although these materials are not comprehensive, they should be helpful in identifying important employment, immigration, and employee benefits issues that will require your attention as your company grows.

Topics included in the Handbook:
  • Federal and North Carolina Employment Laws
  • Required Workplace Posters
  • Materials Safety Data Sheets
  • Immigration Issues
  • Ensuring Your Workforce is Employment Authorized
  • Employee Benefit Plan Basics
  • Offering Benefits to Employees—When Benefits are Subject to ERISA & What that Means
  • Your Welfare Plan is Subject to ERISA— Now What?
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