Work in the Time of COVID-19: FAQs for Employers

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Managing Partner

Dan Cahill

Partner Raleigh, NC | t: 919.783.2902 Charlotte, NC

Management Committee

Dan Cahill

Partner Raleigh, NC | t: 919.783.2902 Charlotte, NC

Chad Essick

Partner Raleigh, NC | t: 919.783.2896
Kelsey Mayo Partner at Poyner Spruill

Kelsey Mayo

Partner Charlotte, NC | t: 704.342.5307 Raleigh, NC | t: 919.783.2935

Tate Ogburn

Partner Charlotte, NC | t: 704.342.5258

Mike Slipsky

Partner Raleigh, NC | t: 919.783.2851

Tim Wilson

Partner Rocky Mount, NC | t: 252.972.7114

David Woodard

Partner Raleigh, NC | t: 919.783.2854

Management Team

Duane Barrett

Chief Operating Officer

Hillary Davis

Director of Client Service and Development Raleigh, NC | t: 919.783.1152
Ellen Kinsinger, Chief Information Officer at Poyner Spruill LLP

Ellen Kinsinger

Chief Information Officer Raleigh, NC | t: 919.783.1010

Nina Long

Director of Human Resources Raleigh, NC | t: 919.783.2964

Robin Woodlief

Controller Raleigh, NC | t: 919.783.2863

Section Leaders

Nick Ellis

Partner Rocky Mount, NC | t: 252.972.7115 Raleigh, NC | t: 919.783.2907

Susie Gibbons

Partner Raleigh, NC | t: 919.783.2813

Brad Herring

Partner Rocky Mount, NC | t: 252.972.7081 Raleigh, NC | t: 919.783.2936
Dave Krosner Partner at Poyner Spruill

Dave Krosner

Partner Raleigh, NC | t: 919.783.2844