Poyner Spruill Welcomes Education Law Practice Group

Over the years, we have represented a number of different clients on a multitude of different issues that cut across the ideological spectrum.  As a result, we have had the opportunity to work with liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats, and politicians of all stripes.  We have developed good relationships with members of the General Assembly, as well as with Members of Congress in both the US House and Senate—and with leadership on both the state and federal levels of government.

Our attorneys regularly assist entities in addressing issues specific to local municipalities and counties, as well as dealings with state and federal government departments, agencies, offices, and regulators.

Through our relationship with SCG Legal, we have strong ties with lobbyists in the fifty state capitals, several large commercial cities, and foreign countries around the world.

Business and economic development has been at the forefront of Poyner Spruill’s work in government relations. Our municipal and county experience includes zoning, coastal, and land-use issues, construction contracting and permitting, and environmental permitting and regulatory counsel. Our attorneys have participated in public bid processes and have advised in utilities regulatory issues. We represent local governments in cable franchise renewals, and regulation of telecommunications, cable, and utility companies that maintain facilities in municipal rights-of-way. Other client work includes negotiating encroachment agreements and preparing ordinances with respect to rights-of-way.

The firm’s attorneys have also represented municipalities regarding uses of municipally-owned communications facilities. We regularly work on economic development projects and coordinate efforts on behalf of communities with USDA Rural Development, EDA, NC Department of Commerce, EDPNC, NC Economic Development Association, and other federal and state organizations.

We spend considerable time and effort to remain knowledgeable and up-to-date on North Carolina’s political landscape, including the status of campaigns for the General Assembly and statewide executive and judicial races, as well as for the US House and Senate.

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