Poyner Spruill Welcomes Education Law Practice Group

Attracting valuable foreign employees to the United States and retaining them is critical for many organizations competing in a competitive world economy. It is our goal to ensure that need becomes a reality for our clients.

We help clients employ a legal workforce by assisting them in complying with employment authorization verifications through proper I-9 and E-Verify practices. We also help clients sponsor prospective employees for both non-immigrant visas and green cards, also assisting with more temporary workforce requirements under the H-2 programs.

Some specific examples include:

We are equally comfortable assisting with all family-based immigration needs, from K visas through permanent residence to naturalization, overstays, and North Carolina specific immigration concerns. Political and religious asylum cases are handled with compassion and experience for qualifying individuals.

Finally, we act to protect our corporate clients by acting as an interface with any Immigration and Customs Enforcement or other Department of Homeland Security related activities.

To reduce immigration-related questions by Human Resource managers at the time of hiring, we proactively address compliance issues to meet I-9 audits and Immigration Customs and Enforcement activities with equanimity. We also update our clients on all E-Verify developments.

For more information about this practice, contact Jennifer Parser.


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