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The Essential Guide to Trademark Protection


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This book was designed to provide an introduction to trademark law and a guide to the selection, adoption, and protection of trademarks. As with all general publications of this nature, please be aware that this document does not purport to be comprehensive, and certainly is no substitute for proper legal advice to address particular situations. We hope, however, that the guide will answer basic questions about concepts and terminology - and help your business make more informed decisions about what trademarks to adopt and how to use and protect them.

Topics included in the Guide:

  • Basic Trademark Terminology and Formats
  • Legal Protection of Trademarks and Service Marks
  • The Process of Selecting a Trademark
  • The Federal Trademark Registration Process
  • Preserving Trademark Rights
  • Special Protection for "Famous" Marks
  • International Considerations
  • Trademarks on the Internet
  • Trademark Selection and Protection Checklist
  • Trademark Preservation Checklist
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