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For decades, N.C. SNFs knew the rules governing abuse reporting—for suspicions of abuse, do a 24-hour report; complete your investigation and then file a 5-day report. Recent changes to the CMS SNF Requirements of Participation (ROPs) have made that once simple requirement a challenge and, in the process, created a landmine of regulatory liability and risk for SNFs. Multiple CMS regulations in the revised ROPs create seemingly different reporting time frames. FTags 608 (the Elder Justice Act reporting requirement), 609 (reporting abuse) and the N.C. State Survey Agency’s ongoing use of FTag 607 requiring abuse prevention policies and procedures for alleged reporting violations have created a quagmire of provider reporting requirements and resulting confusion. In this webinar, Ken Burgess will walk attendees through each required reporting period under the pertinent regulations and offer tips and suggestions to avoid abuse reporting citations and to manage them when they occur.

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