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Midnight’s Requiem – See You at the Rainbow Bridge
My aunt Millie named her Midnight. I called her my Princess of the Night because, like most cats, she loved to roam at night and she was black as black can be. She came into my life just over five years ago when I first returned to North Carolina, and my life, both personal and professional, was at its lowest. One day, like an angel disguised in a black ball of scruffy fur, she showed up at my doorstep where I was living in Nash County.

Finger-Stick to Infection: Minimizing Risk for Your Residents and Facility
How often do you think of diabetic testing as putting your residents at risk for acquiring a blood borne illness. Do your infection control policy and protocol contemplate safe and proper procedures for carrying out proper testing and medication administration for residents with diabetes? One of the many bases for issuing a survey citation to a skilled nursing facility is F Tag 441 – Infection Control.

Ken’s Quote of the Month
“Saying it’s better to be young than old is like saying the view from the bottom of the hill is better than from the top of the mountain.” – Iva Lee Burgess, my Grandma

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