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Honesty Is the Best Policy (Along with Documentation)
A quick Internet search reveals that the old adage, “honesty is the best policy,” is attributed to numerous sources. When it comes to reporting injuries from nursing home falls, however, it’s clear that Congress turned that policy into law. An Ohio lawsuit is now garnering national attention because the family of a nursing home resident alleges the facility failed to follow such law not once or twice, but 16 times.

Come with Me to Nicaragua – Because We Can
Everybody asks me, “How’d you get involved with the Nicaragua project?” So here’s the answer. In 2006, right after I returned to North Carolina and to work after a long illness, I got a surprise phone call. My friend and former client, Keren Brown Wilson, founder of the Jessie F. Richardson Foundation in Oregon, called me at work and said, “I need you in Nicaragua in one month.” I objected hard. But she said, “I need you, and you need this. I know you. You’ll drown yourself in work again, and you need something equally important to do.” Four weeks later, I was in a place called Jinotepe, Nicaragua, a place I’d never heard of. The rest, as they say, is history.

Ten Cows And A Bull
Dona Hana is six feet two, a striking woman, always perfectly dressed. Her makeup is permanently etched on her face, like a tattoo, because, as she explained to me, “I’m a busy woman and I can’t run around this hot country looking bad.” Dona Hana runs a very successful bakery in Juigulpa, Nicaragua. But she is also the energy behind the Juigulpa hogares for abandoned Nicaraguan elders.

Ken’s Quote of the Month
“Those who can – do. Those who can do more, volunteer.” ~ Elders in Action

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