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WHO to Hire?

Startup companies can reduce or eliminate future problems with employees through careful hiring practices. Best practices include:

WHAT to Consider when Conducting Background Checks?

One question startups may ask is how they should conduct background checks. There are many benefits of background checks, such as screening out candidates who give incomplete or inaccurate information on their applications, or are not suitable for the job due to relevant criminal convictions. However, some background checks have been challenged as discriminatory under Title VII because they disproportionately screen out particular racial, ethnic, or gender groups. As a result of the EEOC’s aggressive litigation posture and the growing trend amongst many states to “ban the box” (prohibit pre-offer background checks), employers should consider the following:

WHEN Do Startups Need I-9s?

A frequent question is “what is an I-9?” The Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 is a federal form downloadable and is used to verify an employee’s identity and employment eligibility. But it must not be used to screen applicants. Even the principals of a startup, if they are employees, must complete a Form I-9. Key steps are:

WHERE Should Startups Recruit Employees and Should They Require Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements or Trade Secret and Non-Compete Acknowledgments?

Often startups, especially in the tech industry, are created due to some innovative technology or product; accordingly, startups should ensure their information is protected at the outset of an employment relationship. For this reason, startups should consider:

WHY Should Start Ups Be Careful When Hiring Temp Employees?

Instead of going through the process of hiring an employee directly, startups may use a temp. If this is the case, startups should remember that a temporary agency employee can be deemed an employee of the company as well as the temporary agency. Companies should consider the following facts that could cause a court to decide a temp is the company’s employee:

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