Work in the Time of COVID-19: FAQs for Employers

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An employee’s departure represents a significant threat to an organization’s information security if sufficient procedures are not in place (and actually followed) in connection with the departure.

Here are some important steps to take to keep departing employees (whether resigning or terminated) from undermining your security, whether unwittingly or intentionally.

Having these procedures in place and following them, both before and after notice of an employee’s resignation or termination, should be an essential component of any company’s information security program. The attorneys in our Privacy and Information Security Practice can help you develop a comprehensive strategy to address these and other aspects of your information security program.

This article was originally co-written by Louis B. Meyer, a Partner in Poyner Spruill’s Employment Law section. Meyer was appointed by Gov. Bev Perdue as District Court Judge for the Tenth Judicial District in August of 2012.

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