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Title IX investigators and Decision-Makers

Dr. Amy ClayGrace S. Pennerat, and Rebecca M. Williams are Title IX investigators and decision-makers.

As qualified Title IX investigators and decision-makers, they are available to conduct impartial, objective, and thorough investigations into allegations of Title IX sexual harassment or serve as independent decision-makers in these matters for public and private schools, colleges, or universities.

Together, Dr. Amy Clay, Grace S. Pennerat, and Rebecca M. Williams have 15+ years of experience providing public school units with prompt and practical advice about legal compliance issues and conducting investigations into alleged student and employee misconduct. Amy, Grace, and Rebecca have trained and advised local boards of education and school personnel on compliance with Title IX, specifically the new regulations (effective August 2020) governing Title IX sexual harassment.  They also have drafted Title IX policies and procedures for local boards of education and provided guidance to school administrators concerning the implementation of Title IX.

Below you’ll find copies of some of the presentations used in Title IX and decision-maker training.

Investigator Training K-12 Oct 2020

Part 3 Title IX Coordinator Training PDF

PDF TitIe IX Investigator Training

PDF Title IX Decision-maker Training


If you are an educational institution that is seeking an independent Title IX investigator or decision-maker please contact Dr. Amy Clay (aclay@poynerspruill.com), Grace Pennerat (gpennerat@poynerspruil.com), or Rebecca Williams (rwilliams@poynerspruill.com).

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